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Some Thoughts For Discussion

Where is the anti-spam mechanism/strategy?

Manual removing spam contents really sucks.

Edit by AdShea One good strategy is to search all namespaces for 'http' (without the quotes). This will show links containing that string, which should catch any spam links.

Needed Editing

Needed edits are the following:

  1. We need more thorough "See Also" sections on each page. Mesh shows what each page should look like. People need to be able to find their content easily.
    1. After some playing with this, I think we should create categories for each SET of settings. Like, "surface_settings" and then just put all the surface settings in there. Then, we can simply link out to this page and it'll change dynamically with the settings.
  2. We need to continue linking categories to their respective pages.
  3. More images should be uploaded for the settings changes so people can see what the settings do as well as read how to control them.


The default method for searching, eg hitting ENTER, should be the "Search" command not the "Go" command.

New Format

Code for the new page

Welcome to the PyMOL Wiki!
The community-run support site for the PyMOL molecular viewer.
Quick Links
Tutorials Table of Contents Commands
Script Library Plugins FAQ
Gallery | Covers PyMOL Cheat Sheet (PDF) GoogleSearch

News & Updates
Warren News about Warren DeLano's passing may be read on Warren's memorial page.
PyMOLWiki Reformatted Main Page.
PyMOLWiki New — Search the PyMOLWiki via GoogleSearch
PyMOL PyMOL is known to work under Mac OS X 10+ (Snow Leopard) using the new Fink and incentive builds. See Installing PyMOL under Fink.
PyMOL PyMOL now has a Set command for basic settings, and a Set_bond command for bond-only settings.
PyMOL Space— new command to control PyMOL's usage of color spaces.
Do you know this PyMOL command...

Pair fit

Pair_Fit fits a set of atom pairs between two models. Each atom in each pair must be specified individually, which can be tedious to enter manually. Script files are recommended when using this command.


pair_fit (selection), (selection),  [[Pair fit|..→]]

The DPL extension (version 1.8.9) produced a SQL statement which lead to a Database error.
The reason may be an internal error of DPL or an error which you made,
especially when using DPL options like titleregexp.
Query text is:
SELECT DISTINCT ic.il_to, ic.il_to as sortkey FROM `pmw_imagelinks` AS ic WHERE 1=1 AND (ic.il_from='2199') ORDER BY pl_title ASC LIMIT 0, 500

Error message is:
Unknown column 'pl_title' in 'order clause' (localhost)

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