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Been using PyMol on OSX for a while now, I do a lot of python programming now so it's great to write scripts for (dino is also nice, but has a more tcl-like syntax).

Currently doing a PhD in structural bioinformatics at Glasgow University. I used to work on the TOPS project.

Scripts by me:

  • Translate_And_Measure : Move and report distances.
  • Bounding_Box : CGO box around a selection.
  • Ellipsoid : Callback ellipsoids.
  • Plane_Wizard : Wizard of the planes.
  • ss : List secondary structures as "start-end type".
  • iterate_sses : Advanced version of ss, allows user to pass a function to be applied to each sse.
  • motif : Easy display of backbone motifs like nests and catgrips (or, of course, helices or strands). Also lists phi/psi.