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The surface_ramp_above_mode setting is for coloring molecular surfaces by electrostatic potential, using a color ramp. If on, the surface is colored by the potential on the solvent accessible surface, which is one solvent radius above the surface.

Coloring with surface_solvent=0 and surface_ramp_above_mode=0 is less meaningful, since a solvent or ligand atom never reaches the molecular surface of the protein (only the accessible surface). Furthermore, surface_solvent=1 with surface_ramp_above_mode=1 isn't meaningful either.


Surface ramp above mode.jpg


load molecule.pdb
load electrostaticmap.dx

ramp_new espramp, electrostaticmap, [ -3, 0, 3]

show surface

set surface_color, espramp
set surface_ramp_above_mode

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