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The sculpt_field_mask setting is an integer bit mask, each bit enables a term for sculpting.

Term Bit Codes

The bit codes are defined in layer2/Sculpt.h

value description
cSculptBond 0x001 bond length constraints
cSculptAngl 0x002 bond angle constraints
cSculptPyra 0x004
cSculptPlan 0x008
cSculptLine 0x010
cSculptVDW 0x020 vdw repulsion for bond separation > 3
cSculptVDW14 0x040 vdw repulsion for bond separation == 3
cSculptTors 0x080 torsion constraints
cSculptTri 0x100 see sculpt_tri_* settings
cSculptMin 0x200 see sculpt_min_* settings
cSculptMax 0x400 see sculpt_max_* settings
cSculptAvoid 0x800 longer-range exclusions (1-5 to 1-9), see sculpt_avd_* settings


# local geometry and VDW for separation > 3
cmd.set('sculpt_field_mask', 0x3F)


Check "Build > Sculpting > ...", the bottom part of that submenu lists some of the available terms.

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