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A simple script to walk over objects in the object menu panel.

The Code

import pymol
from pymol import cmd

UP, DOWN = -1, 1

in_focus = 0

def object_focus(direction):
    A simple script that remaps the PgUp and PgDn keys to walk through
    objects in the object list.

    global in_focus, UP, DOWN


    names = cmd.get_names("public_objects")

    in_focus += direction

    if in_focus<0:
        in_focus = 0
    if in_focus > len(names)-1:
        in_focus = len(names)-1

    cur_obj = names[in_focus]

    cmd.wizard("message", "Object: %s" % (cur_obj))

cmd.set_key("PgUp", object_focus, [UP])
cmd.set_key("PgDn", object_focus, [DOWN])