Inertia tensor

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Type Python Module
Author(s) Mateusz Maciejewski
License MIT
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

This script will draw the eigenvectors of the inertia tensor of the selected part of the molecule.


tensor selection, name, model


To draw the inertia tensor of the first model in PDB file 4B2R do:

fetch 4b2r, async=0
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tensor 4b2r & n. n+ca+c & i. 569-623, tensor_dom11, 1


A figure generated using this script can be seen in the following reference:

  • Estimation of interdomain flexibility of N-terminus of factor H using residual dipolar couplings. Maciejewski M, Tjandra N, Barlow PN. Biochemistry. 50(38) 2011, p. 8138-49, fig. 1 doi:10.1021/bi200575b