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get_sasa_relative calculates the relative per-residue solvent accessible surface area and optionally labels and colors residues. The value is relative to full exposure of the residue, calculated by removing all other residues except its two next neighbors, if present.

The command loads a value beteween 0.0 (fully buried) and 1.0 (fully exposed) into the b-factor property, available in iterate, alter and label as b.

New in Incentive PyMOL 1.8 and Open-Source PyMOL 2.1

Changed in PyMOL 2.6: Added subsele argument


get_sasa_relative [ selection [, state [, vis [, var [, quiet [, outfile [, subsele ]]]]]]]


fetch 1ubq
get_sasa_relative polymer

Side-chain exposure, including C-alpha atom, using subsele argument (new in PyMOL 2.6):

get_sasa_relative polymer, subsele=sidechain guide

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