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Type Python Module
Download dynamic_mesh.py
Author(s) Takanori Nakane
License BSD-2-Clause
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

dynamic_mesh displays isomesh around the center of the view. When the view is moved, the isomesh will be updated automatically. You can also change contour level by PageDown/PageUp keys. This script is intended to implement interface similar to Coot for examing electron density maps.

Note: PyMOL's Density Wizard (Menu > Wizard > Density) provides similar functionality. It is implemented using wizard framework, while this uses CallBack object.


dynamic_mesh map_name [, level [, radius [, name [ sym_source ]]]]


  • map_name = string: name of volumetric object(map) to display
  • level = float: contour level of isomesh {default: 1.0}
  • radius = float: radius of isomesh around the center of the view {default: 8}
  • name = string: name of mesh object {default: dynamic_mesh}
  • sym_source = string: name of object from which symmetry information is derived {default: map_name}


fetch 1HWK, async=1
fetch 1HWK, 1hwk_map, type=2fofc, async=1
run dynamic_mesh.py
dynamic_mesh 1hwk_map, sym_source=1hwk
show sticks, resn 117
show ribbon
zoom chain A and resn 117

Note: On PyMOL <= 1.4, you have to download the electron density map from the Uppsala Electron Density Server manually.

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