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When set "on", this setting causes PyMOL to display all states or in NMR jargon: all the models in the ensemble. The 'default' behavior (OFF) can be overridden by placing the "set all_states, on" statement into your '.pymolrc' file, located in your login directory (under all flavors of unix).


set all_states, on      
set all_states, off


# fetch a PDB and show it in multiple states; this one
# line does the work of the next 6 lines.
fetch 1nmr

# this is older code, use the above code which is newer
import urllib2
pdbCode = '1BRV'
pdbUrl = ''+pdbCode
pdbFile = urllib2.urlopen(pdbUrl)
pdbContent =
cmd.read_pdbstr(pdbContent, pdbCode)

set all_states, on

This shows the effect of turning on/off the all_states setting used with the script above.

User Notes

  • There was an error with importing ensembles of ensembles files (complex MOL2 files) before revision 3541. If you experience this problem, update to 3541 or later.

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