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Type Python Module
Download wfmesh.py
Author(s) Dan Kulp
License -
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo


This script will create an object for any Wavefront(.OBJ) mesh file. This is a way to extend the number of objects you can use. Also, you have more control over the coloring, transformations, etc than the CGOs. Although there are a number of these obj files on the web, you can also easily created them with open source tools (OpenFX, Crossroads3D). It takes literally, 2 min to get an object created and then loaded into pymol. Simply open OpenFX Designer, click File->Insert->Model, then choose any of the models (or create your own of course!), then export it as .3ds file. Then open the .3ds file from Crossroads3D and export as Wavefront OBJ.

  • createWFMesh - create a mesh object from Wavefront (*.obj) formated file


Star Wars Anyone?
A Torus, as an example shape you could do. Notice polygon normals are being used...need smoothing!


Simply "import wfmesh.py"


  • Tested on Pymolv0.97, Windows platform, should work on linux as well.
  • Coloring is fixed for grey and sections of mesh are stored, but not used.
  • Simple opengl calls; not optimized (display lists, etc) or anything.
  • Vertex Normal code is broken, so normals are per polygon right now.
  • Post problems in the discussion page, on 'my talk' page or just email me : dwkulp@mail.med.upenn.edu


import wfmesh
cd /home/tlinnet/Software/pymol/Pymol-script-repo/files_for_examples
wfmesh.createWFObj('torus.obj','Torus',flip=1)    # Flip = 1, if OBJ created by openFX, crossroads3D combination
wfmesh.createWFObj("torus.obj","Torus2",translate=[5,5,0], flip=1)


OpenFX Crossroads3D


Torus.obj Torus.zip