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[greg landrum]: I'm concerned about the requirement that plugins "MUST run cross platform" Doesn't this language explicitly ruleout any plugin that includes extension modules?

No, not _all plugins_ must work, but the core plugin architecture must. Tree 15:04, 23 April 2010 (UTC) (Jason)

Meeting Notes

May 3, 2010

In attendance: Nathan Baker, Mike Beachy, Greg Landrum, David Gohara, Yong Huang, Jay Ponder, Jason Vertrees

Additional ideas people wanted to see implemented:

  • As scripts will be accessing internal data for computation, improved access to PyMOL internal data structures, like DX maps, is required.
    • I/O for maps is the rate limiting step;
    • data structures can be large, so skipping the disk would also be nice
  • Skeleton code for plugins would help people write new ones; good tutorial as well; we need to make things easier for the novice
    • Make a new site for plugins: plugins dot pymol dot org?