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PyMOLWiki's Movie School

In a hurry? Need a movie now ?! See Movie Making for the Impatient. Otherwise, read on.

Here you will learn all the latest and greatest techniques for making PyMOL movies. These make you look like a master of PyMOL when you can show them off in a presentation or even in MPEG/AVI format.

  • All scripts are commented
  • All scrips can be directly copy/pasted into newer PyMOLs, which should then result is a movie being created (and possible automatically played, too).
  • Please leave off-topic stuff or requests to this page's discussion page.
  • As the rest of the wiki, this page is editable by all (registered) users. If you have a tip or movie you'd like to add, please feel free to do so.

The PyMOLWiki's Movie School is broken down into a few parts for easier information digestion.

  1. Introduction & Movie Making for the Impatient
  2. Terminology & Movie Related Commands
  3. PyMOL GUI for Movie Making
  4. Simple Movie Examples
  5. Putting it All Together
  6. Exporting & Using your Movie