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Pymol stores a transformation matrix for each object relative to it's initial position when loaded in. get_object_matrix will return a list of floats with that matrix for a named object.

The matrix is 4X4, with the upper left 3x3 forming a rotation matrix, the fourth column and row representing pre-rotation and post-rotation translation vectors respectively, and the 16th element always being 1.0.

According the pymol source code, this is an "unsupported command".


cmd.get_object_matrix(object, state=1)


cmd.load("prot1.pdb", "prot1")
cmd.load("prot2.pdb", "prot2")
cmd.super("prot1", "prot2") #align prot1 to prot 2
transformation = cmd.get_object_matrix("prot1") #translation and rotation to align the two proteins

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