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PyMOLWiki's Movie School


Here you will learn all the latest and greatest techniques for making movies in PyMOL. These make you look like a master of PyMOL when you can show them off in a presentation or even in MPEG/AVI format. For your ease of learning I have commented all of the movie scripts and tried to ensure that they work in PyMOL if you just copy/paste the code.

If you have any comments on this tutorial, please feel free to add them to the discussion page. If you have corrections, improvements or additions, as always, please feel free to improve the pages.

  • NB: While this is pretty expansive (hence the 6 lessons) it is still incomplete and surely rough in some places.
  • NB: Make sure you have the newest PyMOL v1.2r0.

Movie Making Roadmap

The basics; movies in 60 seconds.
Definitions; commands; settings;
Using the GUI to make movies
Easy copy/paste examples
More advanced examples; using states, scenes, and object motions
Using your movie, once it's made