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Welcome to the PyMOL Wiki
We are the community-based support site for the popular molecular visualization program, PyMOL.
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News and Updates (archive)
PyMOL 1.2 is out!
♦ Check out the artist who integrates PyMOL into his work.
♦ If you use the sequence viewer alot, or have lots of openGL text on the screen, try boosting your performance with Texture_fonts.
PyMOL now integrates seamlessly with MS Powerpoint. See Axpymol.
Image large.png Another cover made with PyMOL.Movie made with Pymol of MD simulation of protein-protein interaction is avialble inside pdf [[1]] or High quality AVI [2] .
Scripts, Plugins & Tutorials
MovieSchool — PyMOL Wiki's Movie School. Learn how to make movies in PyMOL!
alphaToAll — Expands your desired alpha-carbon property down to all atoms in the residue.
interfaceResidues — Finds interface residues in a complex.
FindSurfaceResidues — Find and show (if you want) surface exposed resiues in PyMOL.
ToGroup — Converts a multistate object into a group of single state objects.
FindSeq — Find sequence or regular expression of amino acids in a protein.
Modevectors — creates arrow plots for normal mode analysis (NMA), NMR ensembles and other cases where you want to point out differences between similar objects.
Pucker — finds the sugar pucker information (phase, amplitude, pucker) for a given selection.
DrawMinBB.png Screenshot of DrawBoundingBox in action.
Labels page was thoroughly refurbished.
♦ The Wiki experienced a few moments of downtime due to system maintenance. The downtime was <10 minutes.
Please note the "Go" and "Search" buttons in the search bar. They're not the same, and entering text and hitting ENTER is the same as using the "Go" button. Please try using the "Search" button; we're using a new search engine and it has cool new features.
♦ Documented a few more settings. Also, check out the cool, Huge_surfaces page for handling very large objects and representing them as surfaces, in PyMOL.
♦ We got our 2,000,000th page view!
Science090410.jpg Sample Cover from the Covers gallery.